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Have Jack Speak at Your Event

      Jack Sacco is in demand as an accomplished writer, composer, and public speaker who lectures widely throughout the United States and abroad. His speaking engagements have taken him to San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Memphis, New Orleans, St. Louis, Boston, and Washington DC, to name a few. He has lectured at Yale University, the University of Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, the University of Texas, Texas Tech University, and Auburn University as well as other colleges and conferences throughout the nation. 


      Internationally, he has spoken in London, Vienna, Rome, and Croatia. In addition, he was also chosen to give a special presentation before the Royal Families of Europe.

I had the pleasure of arranging Jack Sacco’s public appearance at Yale University to discuss his book, Where the Birds Never Sing. I have had the opportunity to hear him speak at both formal and informal presentations on a variety of topics. I have always been impressed with Jack’s abilities as a public speaker.


He is an artist and a storyteller, and can handle the loftiest of topics in the most accessible way. 


His remarkable energy and engaging personality always come through powerfully in his presentations.


He knows how to capture his audience’s attention with real-life illustrations and interesting examples. Never does he talk down to an audience, but awakens their interest in his subject through his own conviction and passion.

Mark Villano, CSP

Yale University

New Haven, CT

Winston Churchill, perhaps the most famous wordsmith and speaker of the English language, and the greatest Englishman ever, who inspired a world to resist one of the most evil men in history, is no stranger to the western world. Following in Churchill’s tradition of choosing just the right words, Jack Sacco, author of Where the Birds Never Sing, regaled us with the story of his father in World War II. 


Jack was the highlight of an event in Sonoma, California where he spoke to the Churchillians by-the-Bay, one of the 27 chapters of the Churchill Centre. 


Jack mesmerized us with stories about how he interviewed his father’s friends in the 92nd Signal Battalion and wove the first person story of his dad in World War II, based on stories he heard beginning as a young boy.


If you want to hear someone who speaks from his heart, who will keep your attention spellbound with his stories, read his book and invite him to speak. You will have a vivid picture of what the greatest generation did to save us all. His words will inspire you. You will walk away with tears in your eyes for the sacrifice and valor of those men, like his father Joe, who met the Churchill challenge over 66 years ago.

Richard Mastio

President, Churchillians by-the-Bay

Last evening my wife and I attended a wonderful presentation by Jack Sacco, author of Where the Birds Never Sing, who gave an outstanding presentation of how his book came about and how it fulfilled a promise to his Dad to never let the story of Dachau be forgotten. 


He presents the story of his Dad, an immigrant’s son being called to serve in the US Army during WWII.


It is not a war story as previously told. It is a thoughtful representation of the Greatest Generation and, more specifically, what Joe Sacco and his buddies experienced and what they want history to always remember. 


On a promise to his Dad, Jack has recreated his Dad’s story, including hours and hours of input from his buddies.


Jack is a mesmerizing speaker. He wants to make sure the story is not forgotten.  Of greatest concern are our youngsters today, who do not know the story.

I highly recommend Where the Birds Never Sing and Jack Sacco as a speaker.

Leo Brennan

Colonel, USAF (Ret)

Springfield, Virginia

The Rotary Club of Birmingham, which is one of the oldest and largest in the world, gives two thumbs up for Jack Sacco as a writer and a speaker.


In his talk to club members, Jack told the story of his father’s remarkable experiences during WWII and how his book, Where the Birds Never Sing, came to be written.


With a membership exceeding 560 business and professional leaders, we enjoy weekly speakers of high caliber. Jack is at the top of that impressive list. We highly recommend him to all who desire a great speaker.

Susan Jackson

Executive Director

Rotary Club of Birmingham

I have heard Jack Sacco speak on five or six different occasions to groups of hundreds of people and to smaller groups of fifty and below. He has command of his subject and knows it so well that he can make even complex laws of physics intelligible to a layman with little or no technical scientific knowledge.


Like a great lawyer, he prepares his case, marshals the facts and delivers them in a riveting and inspiring fashion.

Wilfred Raymond, CSC

National Director

Family Theater Productions

Hollywood, California

The word “eloquent” doesn’t sufficiently describe Jack Sacco’s speaking abilities. One must add such descriptors as humorous, knowledgeable, entertaining, charming, personable, inspiring, and many others.


Each person fortunate enough to sit and listen to Jack speak about any topic can add their own adjectives. And best of all, he’s a super-nice guy.

Dennis Nichols

President, Alabama Library Association

I found Jack Sacco’s talk to be both fascinating a moving. Honor and sacrifice are too often not a part of our daily vocabulary. It is refreshing and inspiring to hear the stories of those who made honor and sacrifice the very fabric of their lives. I thought Jack’s talk was outstanding and the line of people with me waiting to buy his book indicates that many others thought the same.

Tom Garrett

Vice-President and CIO

Brasfield and Gorrie



Jack Sacco is a brilliant storyteller and is incredibly fun to be around. The reverence with which he speaks of his father and the American soldiers is endearing, and the way he presents a story is enrapturing.

Carrie Steinmehl

Hoover Public Library

Hoover, AL

Jack Sacco is an incredibly talented speaker. Jack has been a featured speaker at several of our events, including being Master of Ceremonies for our conferences.


He’s just as comfortable standing before a crowd of 5,000 as he is sitting around a coffee table with friends, and he makes addressing an audience seem effortless. He has a natural ability that makes the audience feel that Jack is, in fact, a personal friend. 


I’d highly recommend Jack Sacco as a featured speaker or emcee. He’s just terrific!

Mimi Kelly

New Orleans, LA

To schedule an interview or to have Jack Sacco speak at your event, podcast, or webinar, email:

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