Jack Sacco
Jack Sacco

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Above the Treetops
Where the Birds Never Sing





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Above the Treetops
Above the Treetops

In Above the Treetops, award-winning author Jack Sacco provides readers with a rare glimpse into the personal life of internationally acclaimed novelist William Faulkner. The book tells the true story of the endearing relationship between Faulkner and a young neighbor named Bobby Little.


In the young Bobby, Faulkner found not only a kindred spirit longing for adventure, but the son he never had. He taught Bobby how to ride a horse, how to sail a boat, and how to fly a plane...all before the boy was fifteen years old.


Set in Oxford, Mississippi, Above the Treetops reveals never-before-told stories of the Nobel Laureate’s wit, charm, frailties, and humanity. As such, it is sure to appeal not only to fans of William Faulkner the novelist, but to those who, until now, have never known the reality and magic of William Faulkner the man.


"The bestselling author of Where the Birds Never Sing has unearthed a treasure of fresh new insight on Faulkner. The real-life characters that people the book are themselves as worthy and as entertaining as any fictional figure who ever found his or her way into one of Mr. Faulkner's novels. From start to finish, Above the Treetops soars."

 Michael Harrelson,  HottyToddy.com


Meticulously researched and brilliantly written, Jack Sacco’s Above the Treetops is a rare glimpse into the private life of one of America’s greatest novelists. Sacco effortlessly transports the reader to a bygone era and, in the process, masterfully reveals a William Faulkner the world has never known.”

– Bob Sawyer • Chairman

Mississippi Public Broadcasting


In Above the Treetops, we are given a rare look at one of America’s preeminent writers through the eyes of a young boy who knew him as a neighbor, mentor, and friend. The cherished childhood memories of Bobby Little provide an enduring coda to William Faulkner’s remarkable legacy. Jack Sacco has preserved a truly extraordinary account, and, in doing so, he delivers a captivating addition to the shelves of literary history.”

– The Honorable Roger Wicker, United States Senator


I have read Faulkner since the 1950s and have heard many lectures on the man and his work. No one has captured the essence of William Faulkner like Bobby Little. Jack Sacco’s book presents a wealth of new information for Faulkner scholars.”

– Howard McMillan • Dean, Else School of Management

Millsaps College


The stories in Above the Treetops are not just wildly entertaining, they’re historic. Bobby Little– the son William Faulkner never had–undoubtedly, now, is the one living person who knew Faulkner best. This book is a tribute to our finest writer.

– Neil White • Author, In the Sanctuary of Outcasts


A high-flying and adventurous read!

– William Griffith, Curator of Rowan Oak

University of Mississippi Museum


"There is something in this book for everyone as Sacco gives more than a flyover of Oxford of the past and the private life of William Faulkner. Even those not well-versed in Faulkner will enjoy this work and find out plenty of interesting, and sometimes painfully funny, things."

– Jeff Eubanks, The Oxford Eagle 


Above the Treetops



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Where the Birds Never Sing
Where the Birds Never Sing


A Son's tribute to the courage of his father and to all the heroes of World War II


In his riveting debut, Jack Sacco tells the realistic, harrowing, at times horrifying, and ultimately triumphant tale of an American GI in World War II. As seen through the eyes of his father, Joe Sacco - a farm boy from Alabama who was flung into the chaos of Normandy and survived the terrors of the Bulge - this is the heroic story of the young men who changed the course of history.


Where the Birds Never Sing is a true story of personal emotion set against the backdrop of World War II. It is, in its essence, an honest and moving glimpse into the hearts of a small group of young American GIs as they served their country and, in the process, freed the captives of the Holocaust. It is a story about honor, about reality, about courage and struggle and ultimately, about victory. Yet it is also the story of the price that victory exacted in the souls of the men who achieved it.


Brilliantly written from the perspective of an ordinary soldier, Where the Birds Never Sing contains firsthand accounts and never-before-published photographs documenting one man's transformation from farm boy to soldier to liberator.




Alabama Library Association
Past winners include

To Kill a Mockingbird and The Second Coming




"Jack Sacco has paid his father and all those who have ever served this country the ultimate tribute. Where the Birds Never Sing is an honest, moving portrait of his father, an American soldier in World War II, who fought for everything that makes our nation great.

"Thanks to men like Jack Sacco, Americans will never lack for stories of heroes. And thanks to men like his father, we'll never forget how heroes are made."



Where the Birds Never Sing




Hardcover First Edition

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"This book will pierce your heart and then make it whole again."
Angela Tacco

"Jack Sacco's writing is nothing less than brilliant. It is vivid, personal, insightful, realistic, tender - a treasure."
Joe Fab


"An extraordinary piece of American literature."
Robert A. Laurie


"This book will find a place with the World War II remembrances of Tom Brokaw and Stephen Ambrose and the film Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg."
Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist


"Superbly written. At once epic in scope and intimate in detail, Where the Birds Never Sing effortlessly transports even a casual reader on an emotional and unforgettable journey."
Matt McCoy


"It was a truly moving experience."
Carole Mauro


"Where the Birds Never Sing grabbed me and would not let go until I had read and relived every page in the book."
Steve Tarvin


"Jack Sacco writes with a simple naturalism that transforms the reader into an actual presence in the drama."
Michael Persica


"As I closed the cover, I wept and wept ... I have cried at sad movies, but I have never wept from the depths of my soul before."
Jan Antinozzi


"It was one of the best personal accounts of a soldier's life I have ever read."
A. Claire Farley


"Jack Sacco has hit a homerun with this book."
William Reifsteck


"An Absolute Masterpiece! Every child in school should read this."
Kathleen Fitzgerald