In Above the Treetops, award-winning author Jack Sacco provides readers with a rare glimpse into the personal life of internationally acclaimed novelist William Faulkner.  The book tells the true story of the endearing relationship between Faulkner and a young neighbor named Bobby Little.

In the young Bobby, Faulkner found not only a kindred spirit longing for adventure, but the son he never had.  He taught Bobby how to ride a horse, how to sail a boat, and how to fly a plane … all before the boy was fifteen years old.

Set in Oxford, Mississippi, Above the Treetops reveals never-before-told stories of the Nobel Laureate's wit, charm, frailties, and humanity.  As such, it is sure to appeal not only to fans of William Faulkner the novelist, but to those who, until now, have never known the reality and magic of William Faulkner the man.

Above the Treetops - Hardcover signed by Author



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